March 01, 2024

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❝I'm currently working in games, short movies, advertisements, podcasts, and audio branding.My specializations are musical composition, mixing, sound design, field and foley recording, dialogue editing, middleware implementation, and creating an audio direction from scratch.​❞

Jerry on 2023-05-31

Decarnation's Cauchemar & Rêve soundtracks premiere on Steam

Sprite-based horror game Decarnation's Cauchemar Soundtrack features music by Corentin Brasart, Akira Yamaoka, ALT236, and AL9000.

Jerry on 2021-12-31

No Plan B soundtrack by Corentin Brasart published through Bandcamp

Digital soundtrack for top-down tactical game No Plan B, composed by Corentin Brasart, available for purchase through Bandcamp and Steam.