BOKKADENcI publishes Miniature Elements seasonal compilation

Jerry on 2015-11-11
The latest album by chip music artist BOKKADENcI (Hiroshi Nori) of Osaka, Japan is now available for purchase digitally through Bandcamp and Google Play.

Miniature Elements features four seasonal tracks and arranged renditions by 200Gavas, Kunio, Foilverb and Jinnosuke Okibayashi. Cover art for the album is by Tokyo-based illustrator iDeeez. A cross-fade demo is streaming on the musician's SoundCloud page, while excerpts of all tracks are on Apple Music.

A frequent participant of high-profile chiptune arrangement compilations, BOKKADENcI's demake of "Hills of Jugon" from TOBAL No.1 is featured on Square Enix's SQ Chips 2 chiptune compilation, while his arrangement of "Bustin' Up on the Beach" appears on Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album. The musician also reinterpreted three tracks composed by Naoshi Mizuta for the compilation Final Fantasy XI Chips.

From the product page:
BOKKADENcI is the solo project of Hiroshi Nori. His style blends inorganic Chiptune and warm Melodica melodies, producing an ambient fairy tale atmosphere. He calls the style "Box garden music" and hopes it will soothe your soul.
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