February 21, 2024

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❝Vincent Diamante is a Southern California-based award-winning composer for video games and media. He is best known for the music for thatgamecompany’s critically-acclaimed games, Flower and Sky: Children of the Light. Vincent started his professional music journey in the nascent mobile gaming world of the mid-2000s, converting established game series music into cellphone chiptunes for Konami.

Since then, he’s worked on multiple games that have hit modern game consoles, computers, and the Japanese arcade scene, often as an audio director dealing with all facets of sound: music, sound effects, and voice. Paralleling the whims of the game industry, his latest audio contributions are for the top-rated mobile games, Skullgirls and Sky, available on iOS and Android.❞ vincentdiamante.com

Jerry on 2023-05-17

Sky: Children of the Light by Thatgamecompany ported to Steam

Thatgamecompany's massively multiplayer online game Sky: Children of the Light ported to Windows, planned for release through Steam.

Jerry on 2022-03-26

Spacefolk City VR soundtrack published in two volumes

Soundtrack for Moon Mode Games' VR city building title Spacefolk City published in two separate volumes through Bandcamp.