November 28, 2021

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❝関西大学法学部卒。 幼少よりピアノを始め、高校からロック・ジャズを学ぶ。

大学卒業後に株式会社カプコンにサウンドとして入社。 2009年に青木と共にユニークノートを設立。❞

Jerry on 2021-08-13

Preorders open for Street Fighter Alpha 3 triple vinyl soundtrack

Laced Records of London opens preorders for limited edition Street Fighter Alpha 3 deluxe triple vinyl soundtrack album.

Jerry on 2021-07-25

Preorders open for Power Stone soundtrack on vinyl and audio cassette

Record label Ship to Shore of Brooklyn announces Power Stone soundtrack publication on vinyl and audio cassette.

Jerry on 2020-11-11

Final Fantasy XV soundtrack Vol. 1 & 2 pressed to Music Blu-Ray

Two-volume Final Fantasy XV soundtrack pressed to Blu-ray, and available for shipping through Square Enix's online store for North America.

Jerry on 2020-10-22

Street Fighter Alpha 3 soundtrack hurricane kicks onto streaming platforms

Capcom's 45-track digital soundtrack for Street Fighter Alpha 3 streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.