Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol. 3 vinyl features Bubble Bobble

Jerry on 2020-10-25
The Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol. 3 analog record features music from Bubble Bobble, Bubble Symphony, Pu-Li-Ru-La, Gun Frontier and Rayforce. Digital editions of several featured soundtracks are streaming on Apple Music.

Packaging for the analog record includes liner notes by Jeremy Parish and images from the Taito archive. Music for Rayforce is by Tamayo Kawamoto. Bubble Bobble's score is composed by Tadashi Kimijima, while Bubble Symphony is by Yasuko Yamada. Gun Frontier's score is composed by Hidetoshi Fukumori, and music for Pu-Li-Ru-La is by Kazuko Umino.

Light in the Attic - Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol. 3 (OUT OF STOCK)