Zoeti Original Soundtrack published through Steam by Akupara Games

Jerry on 2023-04-22
Today, Akupara Games published turn-based roguelite Zoeti for Nintendo Switch, along with Windows through Steam and GOG. Developer Dusklight's deckbuilding fantasy game challenges players to build a deck of playing cards, creating combos and activate skills in the heat of battle.

The narrative-driven "Story Mode" allows for multiple difficulty settings and unlocks three Star-Soul heroes as protagonists: honorable sword-wielding knight Valentina, elusive trickster thief Alves, and elemental spell-wielding magician Nicora. Further progression opens up an "Adventure Mode," focused more intently on gameplay.

Music for the game is overseen by WinSound Studio. The twenty-minute digital soundtrack is available for purchase through Steam and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

From the product page:
You'll need to crack open the enemy's defenses, bolster your grit and resolve, all while outsmarting the underhanded foes you face. Use your deck of playing cards to activate skills, attack foes, and defend yourself with card combinations, such as two pair, a full house, or straight flush. Through battle, discovery, and clever decision-making, you'll upgrade and enhance your build to complete the toughest challenges Zoeti has to offer.
Apple Music - Zoeti Original Game Soundtrack

YouTube Music - Zoeti Original Game Soundtrack