W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII vinyl reprinted for 10-year anniversary

Jerry on 2010-01-28
Vinyl record "W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII" has been reissued to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the series. First published in February of 2010, the physical release showcases selections of music from the role-playing game composed by Masashi Hamauzu.

"W/F" was the first publication to include the theme "Ragnarok - Sans Pipe Organ." The vinyl record also selects for inclusion from the four-hour original score the tracks "Fang's Theme, "The Sunleth Waterscape," "Can't Catch a Break," "Chocobos of Pulse," "Dust to Dust," and "Blinded By Light."

The "Final Fantasy XIII" music score is available for streaming on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms, featuring symphonic arrangements by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, the "Original Soundtrack Plus" digital album features promotional content, instrumental variations and English-language adaptations not found elsewhere.

"W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII" is available for pre-order at the Square Enix online store for North America and is anticipated to be shipping in September of 2020. Excerpts from the music score and Soundtrack Plus album are on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

Square Enix Store (North America) - W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII Vinyl
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