Various Daylife ported to iOS and Android devices

Jerry on 2023-01-22
Pioneering and settlement role-playing game Various Daylife was unveiled at Apple's yearly iPhone event in 2019, launching that September on Apple Arcade.

The mobile title developed by DokiDoki Groove Works involved key staff members from Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, including producer Tomoya Asano. Last month, Square Enix published ports for Windows through Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles. Various Daylife ports for iOS and Android devices are scheduled for launch tomorrow.

The Various Daylife digital soundtrack album is composed of 111 music tracks by Go Shiina and Kenji Iwata. The album is available for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

From the product page:
Choose what limited rations, items and camping gear you can pack in your bags as you leave the safety of the city to confront the unknown. You'll battle monsters, bad weather, and food spoilage out on the various frontiers of Antoecia. When the going gets tough, will you press onward, or retreat to explore another day? You’ll have to make these kinds of decisions as you trailblaze a way across the continent, where none have trod before.
YouTube Music - Various Daylife