Unpacking comes to PS4 and PlayStation 5 consoles

Jerry on 2022-05-10
Developer Witch Beam's PlayStation port of Unpacking has launched for PS4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. The room-decorating simulator follows the protagonist's relocations during pivotal life events unfolding between 1997 and 2018.

The digital soundtrack for Unpacking, featuring music by Submerged: Hidden Depths composer Jeff van Dyck, is available for purchase through Steam and Bandcamp. Mastering is by Matthew Gray Mastering, with album art by Stacey Richmond. Vocals and lyrics on "Unpacking a Life" are by Wren Brier. An audio deep dive video can be viewed on the composer's YouTube channel.

Verified for use with the Steam Deck, Unpacking is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam, along with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles. The digital soundtrack is streaming on YouTube Music and Spotify.

From the product page:
Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Part block-fitting puzzle, part home decoration, you are invited to create a satisfying living space while learning clues about the life you’re unpacking.
YouTube Music - Unpacking (Original Soundtrack) - Jeff van Dyck