The Tale of Onogoro by AMATA K.K. ported to PlayStation VR2

Jerry on 2023-02-22
Developer AMATA Games has ported action-adventure title The Tale of Onogoro to PlayStation VR2. Onogoro fashions its fantasy steampunk setting after the Taisho Era of Japan.

Music for the game by the Berens sound team is streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited. The 22-track original score is on Steam and bunlded with the Soundtrack Edition for PlayStation consoles. The album features "The Tale of Onogoro Theme," performed by vocalist Yumiko Takahashi and composed by Takuya Hanaoka.

The ending theme is performed by singer-songwriter Rekka Katakiri. The song, first recorded in 1915, arranges “Gondola no Uta” by Shinpei Nakayama. Katakiri's rendition is streaming on the AMATA YouTube channel. The Tale of Onogoro is also available for VR platforms through the Meta Store, Steam, and PlayStation Store.

From the product page:
The main theme as well as all other sounds in The Tale of Onogoro were created by the Berens sound team. The theme song vocalist is Yumiko Takahashi, who has also sung for numerous other video games and music pieces.

The Tale of Onogoro takes place in a parallel world that is similar to Taisho Era Japan and features a new version of the classic Japanese song “Gondola no Uta” as the ending theme. The original version of the song was released in 1915, near the beginning of the Taisho Era. Singer-songwriter Rekka Katakiri, renowned for her work in various anime and video games, provides bittersweet yet powerful vocals for the track.
YouTube Music - The Tale of Onogoro Original Soundtrack (Streaming)