Tenchu Soundtrack by Noriyuki Asakura scales walls onto Apple Music

Jerry on 2020-02-06
The twelve-track soundtrack to PlayStation stealth action title Tenchu, developed by Acquire and composed by Noriyuki Asakura, is available for streaming online through Apple Music.

Set in 16th-century feudal Japan, shinobi Rikimaru and kunoichi Ayame are the only remaining members of the Azuma Ninja Clan, conducting espionage in service of Lord Matsunoshin Gohda and his daughter Princess Kiku. The first mission in Tenchu: Stealth Assassins tasks the protagonists with infiltrating the heavily fortified estate of the corrupt merchant Echigoya.

First published to compact disc through Sony Records in April 1998, the soundtrack album includes the opening Theme "Add'ua" and Tenchu Suite "Aminina" are perfomed by vocalist Yui Murase. Performers include acoustic guitarist Kiyotsugu Amano, a frequent collaborator featured on Way of the Samurai 2 and Sekiro, and series bassist Tatsuhiko Hizawa.

Apple Music - Tenchu Soundtrack