February 03, 2023

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❝A native of Tokyo, Noriyuki Asakura made his debut into the music industry in 1982, performing the theme song for a TV series. Since then his career has expanded in the direction of composing and producing, including writing songs for pop artists such as Hikaru Nishida and Kahoru Kohiruimaki. But as his creative interests began to diversify, he started focusing more on soundtrack composition for TV, anime, games and motion pictures.❞ n-asakura.com

Jerry on 2022-06-14

Noriyuki Asakura scores Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief

Tenchu series composer Noriyuki Asakura scores Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief, scheduled for release in English-language regions in October.

Jerry on 2021-02-13

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice vinyl soundtrack pressed by Laced Records

Soundtrack to SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice by Yuka Kitamura and Noriyuki Asakura currently available for purchase on analog record and compact disc.