Wave Master to publish Elemental Master soundtrack CD in December

Jerry on 2022-11-17
Sega's Wave Master record label will publish the Elemental Master soundtrack CD on December 14th in Japan. Composed by Toshiharu Yamanishi, the compact disc release is part of the label's Technosoft Music Collection series.

Fantasy shoot-em-up Elemental Master launched for the Sega Mega Drive console on December 14th of 1990 in Japan. Renovation Products localized the Technosoft title for release on the Sega Genesis in 1993. Newly recorded from the Mega Drive sound source, the soundtrack album compiles 24 music tracks from the game score.

In addition, alternate arrangements of two tracks by Yamanishi of Technosoft are included, along with an arranged medley by Kei Takanishi. Takanishi previously contributed "Sound! Shock" special bonus arrangements on Technosoft Music Collection installments "Thunder Force III & AC" and "Thunder Force I & II."

Domestic preorders for "Technosoft Music Collection: Elemental Master" have opened at distributor Play-Asia. A crossfade trailer can be viewed on Wave Master's official album website.

Wave Master - Technosoft Music Collection: Elemental Master

Play-Asia - Technosoft Music Collection - Elemental Master