PlayStation Plus Extra catalog adds puzzle game Superliminal

Jerry on 2023-11-21
Earlier today, Superliminal for PS4 and PlayStation 5 joined the PlayStation Plus Extra games catalog.

The first-person puzzle situates players in a dream where reality is determined by visual perspective and optical illusions. The soothing jazz piano soundtrack is on Bandcamp, composed by Matt Christensen and performed by John Reeves. A second album, comprised of remixes by 2 Mello, can be found on Steam and streamed online on developer Pillow Castle's YouTube channel.

Superliminal is also available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S consoles. Linux and Windows editions are on Steam, verified for use with the Steam Deck.

From the product page:
This is the fully-remastered, double-album soundtrack for Superliminal, composed by Matt Christensen and with remixes by 2 Mello. The first album is the in-game soundtrack, and covers the full spectrum of the Superliminal experience, from cool jazz piano to dark threatening electronica. The second album is comprised of the remixes by 2 Mello, who created a timeless lo-fi hip-hop sound in his inimitable style.
YouTube Music - Superliminal (Original Game Soundtrack) (feat. John Reeves)