Star Ocean's Super Famicom score added to streaming platforms

Jerry on 2022-10-27
Developer tri-Ace published science fiction action role-playing game Star Ocean for Nintendo's Super Famicom console in July of 1996. Later that year, Sony Records released a two-disc album on compact disc bundling arrangements of themes by composer Motoi Sakuraba with voice acting sound effects.

Earlier today, Square Enix posted a more comprehensive digital soundtrack to streaming services, compiling 52 music tracks from the 16-bit title. The album more closely resembles Team Entertainment's 2004 compact disc release, produced by Yoshinori Yamagishi at Square Enix. A remake entitled Star Ocean: First Departure debuted on the PlayStation Portable console in 2007 and received an English-language localization.

Console port Star Ocean: First Departure R is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Sakuraba's soundtrack for Star Ocean: The Divine Force is scheduled for release on four compact discs on November 2nd in Japan.

From the product page:
Our tale begins on the primitive planet of Roak where Roddick lives in the peaceful and uneventful town of Kratus. As a member of the village’s local “Defence Force” tasked with the protection of Kratus, Roddick learns of a mysterious disease that has broken out in the neighboring town. Those infected turn to stone, but continue to live on in a petrified state.

Roddick, along with his two friends Millie and Dorne, make their way to the neighboring town. Informed of a cure for the sickness, they head to Mt. Metorx where a healing herb is rumored to grow. When they reach the summit, the party encounter Ronyx and Ilia, who appear before them in a pillar of light.
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