Brass de Bravo Vol.2 compilation marches onto streaming services

Jerry on 2016-03-15
Square Enix's North American online store has stocked the compact disc release of Final Fantasy orchestral album Brass de Bravo Vol.2.

Performed by the Sienna Wind Orchestra, formed in 1990, the ensemble is led by chief conductor Yutaka Sado. The orchestra has tackled numerous genres, from classical music, jazz, film and game scores to brass band pieces and marches. Brass de Bravo Vol.1 includes brass renditions of “To Zanarkand,” “Moogle’s Theme” and “Airship Medley,” among other compositions by Nobuo Uematsu.

The second volume in the series includes arrangements of music from the series, including "Fight with Seymour," "The Man with the Machine Gun," and "Cosmo Canyon." Conducted by Hirofumi Kurita, arrangements for the album are by Tsutomu Narita and Shiro Hamaguchi, among other musicians. Supervision on Kefka's theme is by Hidenori Iwasaki.

Excerpts from the album are on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher. The digital album is available through the Spotify and Amazon Music streaming services.

From the product page:
Supervised by world-renowned game music composer Nobuo Uematsu, this album features all new songs performed by the Sienna Wind Orchestra! Tracks include fan favorites like Fight with Seymour, The Man with the Machine Gun, Cosmo Canyon, and much more.

Square Enix Store (North America) - Final Fantasy BRASS DE BRAVO Vol. 2