Sonic CD vinyl soundtrack restocked at Data Discs

Jerry on 2011-11-01
London's Data Discs label published the Sonic CD vinyl soundtrack in September of 2019. The three-disc analog record set, containing the remastered music score from the Japanese edition of the game, is currently available for shipping through the publisher, as well as distributor PixelCrib in Melbourne.

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog CD 20th Anniversary Edition digital album is available for streaming online through the Spotify platform. The 42-track compilation, published through Sega's Wave Master label, contains original music by Masafumi Ogata and Naofumi Hataya. In the liner notes, Hataya writes that club music, particularly techno and house, informed the sound of the music score.

Sonic CD debuted for the Mega-CD home console in 1993 in Japan. Introducing the theme of time warps, Sonic gains the ability to visit the same stages in the past, present and future. To differentiate these locations chronologically, the composers incorporated less advanced, low-fi electronic instruments on stages taking place in the past, harkening back to the more limited specs of the Sega Mega Drive console.

Different soundtracks were developed for the Japanese and English-language releases of the game, with the song "Sonic Boom," composed by Spencer Nilsen, included in the English-language localization of the platformer. Bonus tracks found on the anniversary edition of the soundtrack release feature Jun Senoue's Crush 40 music group. The Opening song and ending theme of the Japanese release are performed by vocalist Keiko Utoku.

Data Discs - Sonic CD 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

PixelCrib - Sonic CD 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack
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