Siren Original Soundtrack album treated to 2023 Remaster

Jerry on 2023-08-03
The 2023 remaster of Siren Original Soundtrack, composed by Hitomi Shimizu and Gary Ashiya, will be treated to a 2023 Remaster, is now available for streaming on Spotify. Additional music tracks are by Tenchu series composer Noriyuki Asakura and Kimitaka Matsumae of the Jade Cocoon franchise.

Localized as Forbidden Siren in Europe, the psychological horror game directed by Bokeh Game Studio co-founder Keiichiro Toyama launched in November of 2003, exclusively for the PlayStation 2 console. Siren's ambitious plot structure introduces the player to ten separate protagonists, alternating between their storylines in separate chapters presented in non-chronological order.

Siren is currently available for PlayStation 4, included with a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, with upscaled resolution and added Trophy support. Excerpts of all tracks from SIREN Original Soundtrack (2023 Remaster) can be previewed on digital music store Ototoy.

From the product page:
Apple Music Japan - SIREN ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK(2023 Remaster)

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