Silent Hill Transmission livestream airs Wednesday, October 19th

Jerry on 2022-10-17
Konami has scheduled the Silent Hill Transmission livestream, airing this Wednesday at 2:00 PM Pacific. The broadcast will share the publisher's latest updates on the survival horror franchise.

Silent Hill was developed by Team Silent at Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo in 1999. Character designer Takayoshi Sato served as character designer, creating computer-generated models that helped define the visual identity of the haunting cinematic cutscenes. Masahiro Ito, who served as monster and background designer, has shared the announcement post for Wednesday's broadcast on social media.

Starring protagonist James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2 saw the return of composer Akira Yamaoka in 2001. The influential horror soundtrack contains several of the series' most iconic themes, among them "Theme of Laura," "Heaven's Night" and "Love Psalm." The digital album is streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify.

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