Scarlet Nexus digital soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2022-06-24
The Scarlet Nexus digital soundtrack composed by Hayata Takeda, in collaboration with sound director Masato Nakamura, is now available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music.

The music score for the science fiction title mixes multiple genres, from pop and EDM environmental tracks, to rock music complementing action sequences, along with jazz and fusion for a more laid back atmosphere. The full-length digital album is included in the Deluxe Edition. Bandai Namco pressed selected tracks from the action role-playing game soundtrack on a limited edition vinyl soundtrack release.

Scarlet Nexus is currently available for Windows through Steam, PS4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X|S.

From the product page:
The musical inspirations of Scarlet Nexus result in a soundtrack composed of a maelstrom of genres to craft something unique for the listeners; combining pop and EDM music to match the game’s tone, rock music for combat sequences, jazz and fusion music for a silk-smooth atmosphere, noise music to make players feel ill-at-ease and the inclusion of Japanese instruments with sonorities inspired by traditional court music for a taste of Edo.
YouTube Music - Scarlet Nexus Digital Soundtrack

Apple Music - Scarlet Nexus Digital Soundtrack