Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual soundtrack on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-02-17
Developer HappyGiant's first-person adventure game Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual will arrive on the PlayStation VR platform on February 23rd. Virtual launched last year for Oculus Quest and through Steam, published by Big Sugar.

Based on the "Sam & Max" comic book series by Steve Purcell, the VR title incorporates concept art by LucasArts' Peter Chan, and features an original music score by Jared Emerson-Johnson of Bay Area Sound. The ten-track digital soundtrack is available for purchase through Bandcamp.

Featured performers on the game score include Daniel Gianola-Norris on flute, Jordan Wardlaw on saxophone, Jordan Wardlaw on saxophone, Mike Rinta on trombone, and Jesse Wickman on drums. Engineering for the album is by Bill Storkson at AudioSFX.

From the product page:
The VR action-adventure game features the bewilderingly durable comic book duo in either their fourth, seventh, or twentieth video game outing (depending on how you’re counting). After decades of rescuing bigfoots, playing games of high-stakes poker against B-List celebrities, and preserving reality from cosmic nogoodniks, the world-renowned dog and rabbity thing are on a recruitment drive to fatten up the ranks of the Freelance Police… and they’ve come to you for help!
Steam - Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual