Persona 5 Strikers due out February 23 for Windows, Switch & PS4

Jerry on 2020-12-08
Atlus has announced Persona 5 Strikers is due out February 23, 2021, available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows through Steam. The Western localization will include both English and Japanese-language voice options.

Developed by Koei Tecmo's Omega Force division, the hack-and-slash spin-off takes place during the summer vacation following the events of Persona 5, expanding the series' locales to six separate cities. Music for the game is by Atlus sound team members Shoji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh, Gota Masuoka, Ayana Hira and Hiromu Akaba.

The two-disc soundtrack was published exclusively as part of The Phantom Strikers limited edition box set in Japan, currently available for purchase domestically through Play-Asia. The announcement trailer can be viewed on the Atlus Persona 5 Strikers webpage.

Atlus - Persona 5 Strikers

Play-Asia - Persona 5 Scramble: Limited Edition Box for Nintendo Switch