Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI reunites memories of 16-bit

Jerry on 2012-05-17
Having debuted in Japan on compact disc in May of 2012, Square Enix's arrangement album "Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI," is shipping domestically through CDJapan.

The twelve piano pieces performed by Hiroyuki Nakayama arrange music from the Super Famicom role-playing game trilogy. They include "Theme of Love" and "Troian Beauty" from Final Fantasy IV, "My Home, Sweet Home" and "Clash on the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V, and "Searching for Friends" and "Dancing Mad" from Final Fantasy VI.

A trailer and excerpts from the piano album, composed and produced by Nobuo Uematsu, are streaming on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher. The digital release is streaming on Apple Music in Japan.

CDJapan - Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VI CD