Final Fantasy III DS soundtrack arrives on streaming services

Jerry on 2012-07-10
Square Enix's polygonal, portable remake of Final Fantasy III debuted on the Nintendo DS in 2006, and received ports for smartphones and the PlayStation Portable. A Windows port for Steam more recently received a patch to include auto battle function and increased speed mode in battles.

The Famicom title developed in 1990 was the first in the series to feature the job system. Four playable characters begin as Onion Knights, sporting distinctive plumed helmets, and acquire special skills by gaining experience in specialized roles such as mage, thief and summoner. The dev team included director Hironobu Sakaguchi, designer Hiromichi Tanaka, programmer Nasir Gebelli, character designer Yoshitaka Amano, and scenario writer Kenji Terada.

The polygonal remake includes new character designs by Final Fantasy Tactics illustrator Akihiko Yoshida. The music score, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, features arrangements by Tsuyoshi Sekito and Keiji Kawamori. The full 61-track score is available for streaming on the Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music services.

From the product page:
With the world threatened, you control the four heroes who alone can restore the light crystals and banish the forces of darkness, each redesigned by the award-winning character designer of Final Fantasy XII fame, Akihiko Yoshida. This was the title that introduced the revolutionary job system to the Final Fantasy series, and it is still as fresh as ever. Players build up skills specific to their chosen career, and can assemble a team with the mix of abilities they want, be it a scholar’s analytical skills, a knight’s superlative combat capability or a thief’s talent at relieving the enemies of their items.
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