Pacer soundtrack by CoLD SToRAGE published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2021-06-10
Game composer CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright) has published the soundtrack to anti-gravity racing game Pacer. Previously titled "Formula Fusion," developer R8 Games' racing title is available through Steam for Windows, and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Hosted through Bandcamp, the ten-track Pacer soundtrack is written and produced by CoLD SToRAGE, and mixed and mastered at Hess-Betonburg Studios, Switzerland. The composer's two-volume, 20th anniversary WipEout remastered album publications, entitled "Slipstream," are also hosted on Bandcamp.

From the product page:
PACER is high-octane anti-gravity racing at its most destructive. Customise your craft and weapons then engage in the campaign, a single-player race or compete against your rivals in explosive online multiplayer for the ultimate combat racing experience.