NieR Replicant Vinyl LP Box ships in September

Jerry on 2021-05-31
Following in the footsteps of the four-disc Final Fantasy XIV vinyl box set, Square Enix has opened preorders for the NieR Replicant Vinyl LP Box Set, estimated for shipping on September 19.

NieR Replicant version 1.22474487139 is a high-definition enhanced port of the PlayStation 3 action role-playing game, developed in collaboration with Toylogic for Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Composed by Keiichi Okabe, a three-compact disc set ships through the Square Enix online store for North America.

Entitled "NieR Replicant: 10+1 Years," the box set bundles analog records dedicated to characters Nier, Kainé, Emil, and Devola & Popola. Cover and box art are by illustrator Shirow Miwa. Preorders are available through the Square Enix Store for North America and distributor CDJapan.

Square Enix Store (North America) - NIER REPLICANT -10+1 YEARS- VINYL LP BOX

CDJapan - NieR Replicant -10+1 Years- Vinyl LP Box [Limited Edition]