NieR Re[in]carnation receives second volume soundtrack album

Jerry on 2023-05-01
Developed by Applibot and published by Square Enix, the free-to-play mobile game NieR Re[in]carnation features original music by Keiichi Okabe and Shotaro Seo of Monaca music studio. The mobile game was first announced in 2020 alongside the NieR Replicant remake.

Preorders for "NieR Re[in]carnation Original Soundtrack: The Sun and the Moon" are open at the Square Enix store for North America. Containing background tracks from the second story arc of the NieR title, the album is due out July 19th in Japan. Excerpts of all tracks are streaming on digital music store Ototoy and the official album website.

"The Sun and the Moon" follows high school students Hina Akagi and Yuzuki Kurezome as they traverse a series of towers and dungeons. The scenario, written by Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke, takes place at an unspecified period within the NieR timeline. Art is by concept artist Kazuma Koda and character designer Akihiko Yoshida.

From the product page:
A girl awakens on a cold stone floor. She finds herself in an infinitely vast place filled with buildings that touch the very sky. Guided by a mysterious creature who calls herself Mama, she begins to explore her new surroundings. To reclaim what she has lost —and atone for her sins—she sets off on a journey through this place of unknown creation.
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