Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks make stealthy entry on Spotify & Apple Music

Jerry on 2015-09-01
Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks & Covers, published through Konami's record label Konamistyle, selects key vocal tracks from Metal Gear Solid I~V and Portable Ops.

The compilation includes eight original themes, including "Sins of the Father" and "Quiet's Theme" from Metal Gear Solid V. Five additional covers are performed by vocalist Donna Burke, whose live studio recordings are on YouTube. Designer Hideo Kojima, orchestrator Nobuko Toda and composer Ludvig Forssell contribute lyrics to songs from Guns of the Patriots, Portable Ops and Phantom Pain.

The digital edition of Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks & Covers is available through the Spotify and Apple Music services. Excerpts are streaming on YouTube.

Spotify - Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks
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