Preorders open for Mega Man Legends 2 soundtrack on vinyl / cassette

Jerry on 2021-09-28
The soundtrack for Mega Man Legends 2, available on splattered vinyl and cassette tape ships from distributors Light in the Attic in Seattle, Black Screen Records in Germany, and disk union in Japan.

Starring protagonist Mega Man Volnutt, Mega Man Legends 2 launched in 2000 for the Sony PlayStation console and was later ported to the PlayStation Portable console and Windows operating systems. Capcom's record label Suleputer published selections from the soundtrack for "Rockman Dash 2" during the Tokyo Game Show in October of 2009, available as a limited edition compact disc, packaged with an art book.

Music for the 3D polygonal adventure game is composed by Makoto Tomozawa. The Mega Man Legends vinyl soundtrack ships from distributors Light in the Attic in Seattle, PixelCrib in Australia, and HighScore Records in France.

Black Screen Records - Mega Man Legends 2 - Clear Vinyl / Cassette Tape

Light in the Attic - Mega Man Legends 2 - Blue Swirl Vinyl / Cassette Tape

disk union - 『ロックマンDASH2』のサントラ / 『ロックマンDASH』のサントラ

PixelCrib - Mega Man Legends Clear Vinyl

HighScore Records - Mega Man Legends Clear Vinyl