Jammin' Sam Miller's Donkey Kong Country vinyl preorders open

Jerry on 2021-09-01
Louisiana-based composer Jammin’ Sam Miller has taken great pains to recreate the soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country using the original equipment utilized by composer David Wise, with Eveline Fischer and Robin Beanland.

Each note the musician extracted from hex SPC data translated into MIDI files. From there, the vintage instruments he introduced into a modern studio setting, integrating keyboard samples and added effects and mastering. The results are an interpretation of how Donkey Kong Country would have sounded if freed from the compression required by Super Nintendo console's technical limitations.

Musique Pour La Danse's limited edition vinyl soundtrack release ships on two discs from distributors Vinyl Luxe and PixelCrib in Australia. The digital album is streaming on Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Donkey Kong Country is available through the Super Nintendo library on Nintendo Switch Online. From the product page:
As far as video game soundtracks go, the OST for 1994 SNES game Donkey Kong Country has always been a fan-favorite. Composed mostly by David Wise, with additional tracks by Eveline Fischer and Robin Beanland, it featured atmospheric music with melodic and percussive elements, spanning many genres and vibes with many brilliant musical moments in the OST that have not only left a mark on generations of gamers, but have also earned this OST recognition far beyond the usual video game OST spheres.

Indeed, from 1940s swing, to atmospheric ambient matching the various landscapes encountered in the game, via danceable bangers and highly evocative library pieces, this OST has it all. However, hardware limitations at the time meant that the music on the SNES cartridge was highly compressed and difficult to enjoy without having a console handy.
Vinyl Luxe - Jammin' Sam Miller Donkey Kong Country Recreated Vinyl

PixelCrib - Jammin' Sam Miller Donkey Kong Country Recreated Vinyl

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