Publisher Ghost Ramp presses Hollow Knight Vinyl Soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-04-02
Publisher Ghost Ramp has reprinted the Hollow Knight double vinyl soundtrack, featuring music by Christopher Larkin. The two-disc analog record set is back in stock at Fangamer in Tucason and distributor PixelCrib in Australia.

Team Cherry's action role-playing game takes place in an ancient insect kingdom known as Hallownest. The nameless knight progresses through the underground environments by mastering new abilities and battling foes with his makeshift nail sword. The game's 2D platforming and nonlinear exploration are fixtures of the "Metroidvania" genre.

The 26-track digital soundtrack is streaming on Spotify and can be purchased on Bandcamp and Steam. Hollow Knight is available for Windows and Mac operating systems, and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles.

From the product page:
Forge your own path in Hollow Knight! An epic action adventure through a vast, ruined kingdom of insects and heroes. Hollow Knight is a classically styled 2D action adventure across a vast interconnected world. Explore twisting caverns, ancient cities and deadly wastes; battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs; and solve ancient mysteries at the kingdom's heart.
Fangamer - Hollow Knight Vinyl Soundtrack / Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares Vinyl Soundtrack

PixelCrib - Hollow Knight Vinyl Soundtrack