Milan Records presses Demon's Souls double vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-04-01
Milan Records in Los Angeles has published the Demon’s Souls double vinyl soundtrack album. The two-disc vinyl soundtrack ships from the publisher, along with distributor PixelCrib in Australia.

Music for Bluepoint Games' PlayStation 5 remake of FromSoftware's 2009 action role-playing game is by composer Shunsuke Kida, arranged by Bill Hemstapat and Jim Fowler. Team Entertainment's two-CD publication with Japanese-language liner notes is available for purchase domestically through CDJapan.

The Demon’s Souls digital soundtrack is streaming on Spotify, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

From the product page:
In his quest for power, the 12th King of Boletaria, King Allant channeled the ancient Soul Arts, awakening a demon from the dawn of time itself, The Old One. With the summoning of The Old One, a colorless fog swept across the land, unleashing nightmarish creatures that hungered for human souls. Those whose souls were stripped from them, lost their minds – left only with the desire to attack the sane that remained.

Now, Boletaria is cut off from the outside world, and the knights who dare penetrate the deep fog to free the land from its plight, are never seen again. As a lone warrior who has braved the baneful fog, you must face the hardest of challenges to earn the title “Slayer of Demons” and send The Old One back to its slumber.
PixelCrib - Demon’s Souls Original Soundtrack 2xLP gold variant