Final Fantasy XIV The Best Music Blu-ray ships from Square Enix store

Jerry on 2022-11-14
Square Enix published the "Final Fantasy XIV: The Best" Music Blu-ray four years ago, on this date. Music from the massively multiplayer online game featured on the disc is composed by Masayoshi Soken and Nobuo Uematsu.

"The Best" Music Blu-ray selects fifty music tracks from the Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack, chosen through an online poll. The Blu-ray ships with a booklet containing commentary by producer Naoki Yoshida and sound director Soken. Excerpts are previewed on the Blu-ray trailer, while orders are available through the Square Enix store in North America and Europe.

Final Fantasy XIV DJ Mix video "Sanctuary's Heart," overseen by music producer tofubeats, will air on YouTube on November 23rd. Video animation and illustration for the broadcast are by Oswaldo KATO.

Square Enix store (North America) - Final Fantasy XIV: The Best Music Blu-ray

Square Enix store (Europe) - Final Fantasy XIV: The Best Music Blu-ray

CDJapan - Final Fantasy XIV: The Best Music Blu-ray