Contra 4 (Dual Spirits) for Nintendo DS turns 15 today

Jerry on 2022-11-13
Developed by WayForward and published by Konami, Contra 4 for Nintendo DS launched 15 years ago, on this date.

Titled "Dual Spirits" in Japan, music for the 2D run-and-gun for Nintendo's portable console is composed by Jake Kaufman (Virt). In 2015, Egg Music Records published a two-disc soundtrack album, titled "Contra Chronicle Vol.1 coupling with HARD CORPS:UPRISING," bundling the soundtrack with music from Konami's Contra: Hard Corps and Arc System Works' Hard Corps: Uprising.

Excerpts of "Jungle_Normal" and "Waterfall" are streaming on the YouTube channel of record label Konamistyle. The digital soundtrack album is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited in Japan.

Apple Music Japan - 魂斗羅Dual Spirits サウンドトラック (NDS版)