Final Fantasy trilogy Revival Disc revisits scores by Nobuo Uematsu

Jerry on 2021-03-06
Published by Square Enix, the Final Fantasy Famicom trilogy installment of the Revival Disc series revisits music scores by Nobuo Uematsu.

Composed between 1987 and 1990, nintey total music tracks featured on the Music Blu-Ray disc are complemented by imagery from the classic role-playing games. In 2017, Final Fantasy was featured in the NES Classic Edition console, and Final Fantasy III was showcased on Japan's Famicom edition of the collectible console.

The Final Fantasy I.II.III Soundtrack Revival Disc Blu-Ray is available for shipping through CDJapan. A trailer can be viewed on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

CDJapan - FINAL FANTASY I.II.III Original Soundtrack Revival Disc [Blu-ray Disc]