Final Doom Extended Playstation score published by Aubrey Hodges

Jerry on 2020-11-23
Composer Aubrey Hodges has published the 20th Anniversary Extended Edition of the Final Doom Playstation soundtrack through the musician's Bandcamp website.

The extended soundtrack adds nine brand new bonus tracks to the "Main Theme," "Level Complete Stats," "Credits & Demo" and "Finale," in addition to ten enhanced and remastered level themes. The previously published digital soundtrack is available for streaming through the Amazon Music platform.

The composer's 20th Anniversary Extended Editions of the Doom 64 and Doom PlayStation soundtracks are also available through Bandcamp.

From the product page:

Final Doom Soundtrack: 20th Anniversary Edition has arrived! Enjoy the final conclusion to my dark and brooding journey into the realms of Doom. This release features nine brand new Bonus tracks and enhanced and remastered level tracks in extra long lengths.
Bandcamp - Final Doom Playstation: 20th Anniversary Extended Edition