Final Doom Playstation soundtrack on Bandcamp turns 10 today

Jerry on 2023-01-06
Ten years ago, on this date, composer Aubrey Hodges published the Final Doom Playstation soundtrack through Bandcamp.

Expanding upon the composer's non-diegetic dark, ambient soundscapes first introduced in Doom Playstation, the fourteen-track score is certain to appeal to veterans of Doom 64's harrowing single-player campaign. An additional three bonus tracks round out this nostalgic reminder of the PS1's console's lasting contribution to the horror genre.

An additional 20th Anniversary Extended Edition of the Final Doom Playstation soundtrack is also available through Hodges' Bandcamp page. The enhanced and remastered soundtrack adds nine brand new bonus tracks to the original score's "Main Theme," "Level Complete Stats," "Credits & Demo" and "Finale."

The composer's 20th Anniversary Extended Editions of the Doom 64 and Doom PlayStation soundtracks are also available through Bandcamp. The Final Doom soundtrack is available for streaming through the Amazon Music platform.

From the product page:
Released in October of 1996, Final Doom was a chance for me to continue to explore and refine the dark ambient soundscapes first introduced in Doom Playstation. The project ended up sounding less musical at times than the tracks used in Doom but the effect was still nerve wracking. There is an edge to the tracks that is made more prominent by having larger dynamic ranges within each piece.
Bandcamp - Final Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack

From the product page:

Final Doom Soundtrack: 20th Anniversary Edition has arrived! Enjoy the final conclusion to my dark and brooding journey into the realms of Doom. This release features nine brand new Bonus tracks and enhanced and remastered level tracks in extra long lengths.
Bandcamp - Final Doom Playstation: 20th Anniversary Extended Edition