Black Screen Records posts Bämeräng soundtrack previews to YouTube

Jerry on 2023-01-08
Record label Black Screen Records, based in Cologne, Germany, has published the Bämeräng vinyl soundtrack album, composed by Lucien Guy Montandon.

Developed by Zürich-based game studio Lululu Entertainment, Bämeräng is a fast-paced competitive boomerang duel game for two to four players. The independently developed multiplayer game is currently available for Nintendo Switch and Windows through Steam.

Pressed to one-sided 140-gram pink 12-inch vinyl, the analog record is bundled with a free Steam key for the game and a Bandcamp Code for the digital album. The vinyl soundtrack also ships from distributor Light in the Attic in Seattle.

Cover art complementing Bämeräng's vibrant pixel art style is by Tim Bürge at Lululu. The digital soundtrack is available for purchase on Bandcamp and Steam, as well as streaming on Spotify. Music previews can be viewed on YouTube, courtesy of Black Screen Records.

From the product page:
Bämeräng is a fast-paced local multiplayer boomerang fighting game for two to four players launching April 22nd on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Players master the curved trajectory of the boomerangs to hit their opponents behind obstacles and throw them off the platform. The competitive boomerang duels are visualised in a vibrant pixel art style and underlined with a joyfully bouncy soundtrack.
Black Screen Records - Bämeräng vinyl soundtrack by Lucien Guy Montandon

Light in the Attic - Bämeräng vinyl soundtrack by Lucien Guy Montandon