Einhänder "Thermosphere" remix streaming on SoundCloud

Jerry on 2022-10-13
Squaresoft published sidescrolling shoot-em-up Einhänder on November 20th, 1997 for the Sony PlayStation, localized the following May for English-language regions. The full soundtrack is now available for streaming on Spotify in Japan.

Depicting a war between the Earth and the Moon, the player controls the titular spacecraft, capable of mounting a variety of weapons dropped by felled automated aircraft. Einhänder was directed by Tatsuo Fuji, previously a programmer on Konami shoot-em-ups, who later went on to contribute to the design of Final Fantasy XIV at Square Enix.

The soundtrack album by Kenichiro Fukui, composed of various genres of electronic music, was first released on compact disc in December of 1997 through publisher DigiCube. An arrangement entitled "Thermosphere -metalmouse Rework ver2-" from the 2013 Military Tune EP is streaming on SoundCloud, together with a music video preview YouTube.

SoundCloud - metalmouse MondKraft EP Vol.2 Einhander Thermosphere metalmouse DJ Sodeyama Rework