Detroit: Become Human Vinyl Soundtrack Vol. 3 ships via Quantic Dream

Jerry on 2023-05-13
Detroit: Become Human Vinyl Soundtrack Volume 3 is now available for shipping on two analog records from the Quantic Dream store.

The score for Detroit: Become Human weaves together electronic music by Nima Fakhrara from Connor's storyline, orchestral themes by Philip Sheppard from Kara's quest, and John Paesano’s compositions from Markus and Jericho's missions.

The oil painting depicted on the cover is attributed to Carl Manfred, the owner of RK200 android Markus portrayed by actor Lance Henriksen.

The four-hour digital soundtrack is streaming on Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify. Detroit: Become Human is available for PlayStation 4 and Windows through Steam, verified for use with Steam Deck.

From the product page:
Although Kara, Connor and Markus are all androids, they are of different makes and have very different backgrounds and functions in society. To emphasize these three character arcs, we entrusted Detroit: Become Human’s original soundtrack to three composers with the aim of creating distinct musical colors fitting each character’s identity. Now you can own this unique piece of sonic art on vinyl for the first time ever.
Quantic Dream - Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack Volume 3

YouTube Music - Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack