Cafe SQ an aromatic compilation of game arrangements

Jerry on 2011-06-23
First published to compact disc in November of 2011, Square Enix's Cafe SQ cover album serves up a selection of mellow game arrangements, intended to be suitable for teatime.

The coffee house-styled arrangements by pop musicians include "Chocobo's Theme" from Final Fantasy III arranged by Swedish gypsy punk band RÄFVEN, "Troian Beauty" from Final Fantasy IV by club jazz trio Schroeder-Headz, Johnny C. Bad" from Final Fantasy VI by swing band group King Columbia, and "Theme of Dewprism" from Threads of Fate by game-inspired techno pop artist millstones.

Cafe SQ is available for purchase domestically on compact disc through CDJapan. A two-minute trailer is streaming on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

From the product page:
“Freshly Roasted "SQ" Music.” A collection of stylish "SQ" music, including game arrangements suited for a mellow teatime mood, from the Final Fantasy series, SaGa series, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.
CDJapan - Cafe SQ compact disc