The Boxed Garden album by Yasunori Mitsuda on streaming platforms

Jerry on 2021-07-04
Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda's "The Boxed Garden" album is available through streaming services Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and Apple Music. The digital album is nearly 80 minutes in length, comprised of 30 instrumental music tracks in total.

Originally published as "Hako no Niwa" in September of 2004 by Procyon, the album was produced by the composer, in collaboration with Miki Ito of Sleigh Bells. "The Boxed Garden" features compositions from Taito's PlayStation 2 action role-playing game Graffiti Kingdom.

Mitsuda's other digital albums available through streaming services include "Sailing to the World" and "An Cinniuint," published through Procyon Studio.

Procyon Studio - The Boxed Garden

YouTube Music - The Boxed Garden (Streaming)

Apple Music - The Boxed Garden (Streaming)