Bahamut Lagoon for Super Famicom commemorates 28 years of release

Jerry on 2024-02-09
Strategy role-playing game Bahamut Lagoon for the Super Famicom launched on February 9th of 1996, exclusively in Japan. A Virtual Console port came to both the Nintendo Wii and Wii-U consoles.

Music for the game is by Front Mission 2 composer Noriko Matsueda. The opening theme appears on Square Enix compilation album "Opening Tracks 1987-1996," while the digital soundtrack is available through Apple Music in Japan.

Ryo Miyachi Quintet performed an acoustic arrangement of "The Fahrenheit's Theme Part 1" from Bahamut Lagoon during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online event. A rendition of "The Fahrenheit's Theme Part 2" appears on the Square Enix Acoustic Arrangements album.

Apple Music Japan - Bahamut Lagoon Original Soundtrack