Wave Master label publishes Aleste Collection Music Album

Jerry on 2022-04-22
This week Sega's record label Wave Master published "Aleste Collection Music Album" on three compact discs. The soundtrack compilation, compiling music from Master System and Game Gear titles, ships domestically from CDJapan and Play-Asia.

The shoot-em-up franchise began in 1988 with developer Compile's Aleste for the Sega Master System. Released in English-language regions under the title "Power Strike," music for the title is credited to MYARMO, SHANT, and SHIN-KUN. Power Strike II launched in 1993, also for the Master System console, with music by PSG FACTORY.

A Game Gear port of Aleste contains music credited to KG TAKEUCHI, MR SAKODA and MATS. Keiji Takeuchi contributes two self-arrangements to the compilation, revisiting "GGA ROUND 1" and "GGA ROUND 3." Aleste II for Game Gear contains music credited to IMAMI PON and BA.M.

In 2020, Aleste Collection for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch included a new title by developer M2 built for the Game Gear's specifications. GG Aleste 3 features music by Manabu Namiki.

CDJapan - Aleste Collection - Music Album

Play-Asia - Aleste Collection - Music Album