A Short Hike vinyl soundtrack reprinted by Stumpy Frog Records

Jerry on 2022-04-22
Stumpy Frog Records has reprinted the vinyl soundtrack for A Short Hike, featuring music composed by Mark Sparling. The second pressing on Meteor Lake Blue vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

The analog record is available through distributors Channel 3 Records and Kitty on Fire in North America, along with Black Screen Records in Europe. Art design for the album is by Saffron Aurora.

The adaptive soundtrack from A Short Hike, which shifts according to in-game weather conditions, is complemented on the digital album by several Game Boy arrangements. The digital album can be purchased on Bandcamp and is streaming on Apple Music and YouTube Music.

A Short Hike is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems through Steam, developed by Canadian programmer Adam Robinson-Yu.

From the product page:
A story doesn’t have to be epic to be life-changing. Adam Robinson-Yu’s wonderful Independent Games Festival award winning indie hit has you join Claire as she hikes, climbs, and soars through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak provincial park during a holiday trip with her Aunt. Mark Sparling soundtracks her adventure with uplifting, melancholic, and serene tunes, while Saffron Aurora’s art design adorns this release of ‘A Short Hike’.
Channel 3 Records - A Short Hike Vinyl

Kitty on Fire - A Short Hike (Vinyl / Cassette)

Black Screen Records - A Short Hike Vinyl

Everland Music - A Short Hike Vinyl

Stumpy Frog Records - (OUT OF STOCK)

YouTube Music - A Short Hike (Streaming Audio)