A Short Hike vinyl soundtrack reprinted by Stumpy Frog Records

Jerry on 2022-04-22
Stumpy Frog Records has reprinted the vinyl soundtrack for A Short Hike, featuring music composed by Mark Sparling. The second pressing on Meteor Lake Blue vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

The analog record is available through distributors Channel 3 Records and Kitty on Fire in North America, along with Black Screen Records in Europe. Art design for the album is by Saffron Aurora.

The adaptive soundtrack from A Short Hike, which shifts according to in-game weather conditions, is complemented on the digital album by several Game Boy arrangements. The digital album can be purchased on Bandcamp and is streaming on YouTube Music.

A Short Hike is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems through Steam, developed by Canadian programmer Adam Robinson-Yu.

From the product page:
A story doesn’t have to be epic to be life-changing. Adam Robinson-Yu’s wonderful Independent Games Festival award winning indie hit has you join Claire as she hikes, climbs, and soars through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak provincial park during a holiday trip with her Aunt. Mark Sparling soundtracks her adventure with uplifting, melancholic, and serene tunes, while Saffron Aurora’s art design adorns this release of ‘A Short Hike’.
Channel 3 Records - A Short Hike Vinyl

Kitty on Fire - A Short Hike (Vinyl / Cassette)

Black Screen Records - A Short Hike Vinyl

Stumpy Frog Records - (OUT OF STOCK)

YouTube Music - A Short Hike (Streaming Audio)