April 25, 2024

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❝Raw Fury is a passion project. We’re all about doing what makes us and the people we work with happy. We’ve run both small and large development studios, we’ve produced games, promoted them, and written about them. We’ve designed them, distributed them, and delivered them into the hands of fans. We are a mixed team of veterans and new talent. We have enjoyed success and survived through challenges.❞ rawfury.com

Britt on 2023-09-15

Call of the Sea joins the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

Call of the Sea VR for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets launched in April, featuring soundtrack composed by Eduardo de la Iglesia.

Jerry on 2023-06-28

Preorders open for Cassette Beasts vinyl soundtrack & audio cassette

Cassette Beasts digital soundtrack, composed by Joel Baylis with vocals by Shelby Harvey, published by Raw Fury through Bandcamp and Steam.