November 26, 2022

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❝ゲームデザイナー 「ICO」「ワンダと巨像」(Shadow of The Colossus)「人喰いの大鷲トリコ」(The Last Guardian)のゲームデザイン、ディレクションなど。❞

Jerry on 2021-12-06

ICO Perfect Music Files compilation streaming on Spotify

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of publication, "Perfect Music Files" contains 41 remastered music tracks from PlayStation 2 adventure title ICO.

Jerry on 2021-11-30

ICO soundtrack (2021 Remaster) streaming on Spotify

ICO soundtrack "Melody in the Mist," composed by Michiru Ōshima and remastered in 2021, available for streaming on Apple Music.

Jerry on 2016-11-01

The Last Guardian score condensed in Composer's Choice Edition

The Last Guardian Composer's Choice Edition album features 19 selected music tracks by Takeshi Furukawa, available for streaming on Spotify.