Zunko Trilogy revisits Junko Ozawa game soundtracks for Mindware

Jerry on 2021-04-05
The Zunko Trilogy compilation revisits Junko Ozawa's soundtracks for game developer Mindware, available for shipping on compact disc through BEEP Shop in Tokyo.

Ozawa is perhaps best known for her Namco game scores, including The Tower of Druaga (1984), Gaplus (1984), Dig Dug II (1985) and Rolling Thunder (1987). Composed between 2018 and 2021, Ozawa's music scores for Mindware appear in Alien Field 3671, Space Mouse 2 and Alice and You in the planet of numbers. All three titles for Windows operating systems are available for purchase through Steam.

BEEP Shop - ZUNKO TRILOGY: Junko Ozawa Music Collection for Mindware