X'mas Collections II: Music From Square Enix ships from CDJapan

Jerry on 2013-11-26
Square Enix's "X'mas Collections II" is the followup to the 2010 collection of yuletide game arrangements.

Yuzo Koshiro of the Streets of Rage series arranges "Rydia" from Final Fantasy IV composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Masashi Hamauzu revisits "Impatience" from Front Mission: Gun Hazard, and Junya Nakano self-arranges music from Threads of Fate. The Last Remnant composers Tsuyoshi Sekito and Yasuhiro Yamanaka reinterpret Uematsu's themes from Final Fantasy III.

A trailer for the album can be viewed on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher. The compact disc is available for shipping domestically from CDJapan.

CDJapan - X'mas Collections II music from SQUARE ENIX