Takeharu Ishimoto scores Tsurugihime by developer 213℉

Jerry on 2022-12-04
Developer 213℉ has posted a teaser trailer for sidescrolling action RPG Tsurugihime, scheduled for release on Windows through Steam in 2024.

CEO Yosuke Shiokawa founded Fahrenheit 213 this year, leveraging his experience as creative director on Fate/Grand Order for Delightworks. The action role-playing game will involve his direction, alongside character designer Kuroboshi Kouhaku of Summon Night. Crisis Core composer Takeharu Ishimoto will compose the music score.

Tsurugihime begins with a 100-day countdown until the final battle. Players can decide how to spend this allotted time, either by gaining strength through battle and acquiring up to one thousand weapons, or by developing a relationship with the protagonist's sister through the ikusei bonding system. The game supports multiple endings, depending on which path the player selects.

From the product page:
『TSURUGIHIME』is a side-scrolling action RPG. The last battle is in 100 days. It is up to the player to decide how to live until the day. Battle, ikusei, exploration, story, and even "Imouto (sister)". "Craft" everything. An RPG that "crafts" fate.