Respawned Records presses Toki vinyl soundtrack album

Jerry on 2023-03-23
Game publisher Microids has announced the release of the Toki vinyl soundtrack album, available for preorder through record label Respawned Records and distributor Black Screen Records in Europe.

The analog record publication features re-orchestrated music by Raphael Gesqua, artwork by Philippe Dessoly, and design by Simon Delart. The 22-track digital soundtrack published by Microids Records is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Designed by Akira Sakuma of TAD Corporation with music by Yukihiko Kitahara, the run-and-gun platformer first arrived in arcades in 1989. Toki's jungle island tribe is invaded by a witch doctor called Vookimedlo, leading to the abduction of love-interest princess Miho. Attempting to recapture her, Toki is cursed with a spell that transforms him into an ape.

Golgoth Studio developed the remake, published by Microids in 2018 for Nintendo Switch. Toki is currently also available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows through Steam.

From the product page:
Playing as Toki, explore lush environments invaded by foul creatures! The Labyrinth, Neptune Lake, the Cave of Fire, the Ice Palace, the Jungle of Darkness and the Golden Palace are infested with Vookimedlo's lackeys. Saving Miho won't be easy! These despicable and terrifying beings have friendly names like Boloragog, Rambacha, Mogulvar, Zorzamoth and Bashtar... And if Toki's looks are anything to go by it will be no walk in the park...
Respawned Records - Toki Vinyl Soundtrack

Black Screen Records - Toki Vinyl Soundtrack

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